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MemOptimizer is a useful tool that makes your computer run faster
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Are you not tired of having your computer running slow? Or of having programs functioning at the lowest capacity? MemOptimizer is a useful tool that makes your computer run faster than ever. How is this done? Well, you can use the free space left by closed programs, automatically optimize memory and choose the amount of MB you want or need to free. You can also see the Physical or Virtual memory available and the CPU performance at any time. In the General options you can decide how frequently you want to automatically recover memory or how often you want the memory to be refreshed. MemOptimizer allows to see all the running processes as well as their location in the system and stop, kill or start new processes. Moreover, you can select a program and determine how much memory is to be recovered before the program runs. You can also enable the CPU optimizer for active programs and the history of boosted programs as well. Get updates online in case there is a newer version, or complete help in case you need it. MemOptimizer will make your computer fly, so that you can work comfortably and without having to wait hours for a program to run! Download the free trial version and once you have tasted it you will start to enjoy the benefits of this irreplaceable program.

Jorge Migel
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  • Makes the computer run faster in a matter of seconds
  • Gives detailed information of the running processes
  • Allows the user to have control of the commands


  • Detailed help is only available online, not many set up languages available, some applications run online only
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